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​Piano Music Therapy & Life Coaching

Piano Lessons & Piano Therapy

"Music hath Charms to Sooth the Savage Beast"

                                                                   William Congreve, 1697

All in One Life Solutions offers a comprehensive and unique approach to helping people of all ages reach Daily Peace of Mind, Body & Spirit by addressing all aspects of their Emotional, Physical, Mental and Economical Lives.

My Method of Tone/Sound Therapy is a creation of unique piano progressions, melodies and variations with meditative qualities that in combination with Life Coaching will leave you relaxed, refreshed, energized and balanced. 

My Life Coaching is based on discussions to help people discover and understand the source of their Problems and Fears. Through implementing simple techniques, I give constructive solutions to help people put them to use with daily consistency.

Problems and Fears that have been addressed in the past are:

Relationship and Trust Issues, poor communication skills, Fear of Socializing, Fear of Commitment and Confrontation, Anxiety/Depression, Substance abuse, Fear of Rejection, Lack of Self-esteem, Poor Body Image and Eating Disorders, Irresponsible Behaviors and many more.